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Best dental care treatments with high experienced doctors are available in The Dental Hub of Dr. Mayank Trivedi and Dr. Prakruti Trivedi a dental duo.

The exclusive dental health center with advance technology in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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Accurate Dental Implant

The Dental Hub has high expertise in every dental surgery and dental implant treatments. Perfect therapy for every dental implant.

High experienced doctors with Reasonable and most competitive charges.

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Advance Technology

The Dental Hub is having advance infrastructure with latest technology Dental armamentarium. Doctors are well experienced and qualified.

Low cost surgery with powerful and maximum result is our motto.

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Morden Cosmetic Dentistry

We have expertise in this treatment it includes Smile designing, Teeth whitening, Veneers, Tooth bonding, Metal free, crowns, Teeth straightening, Gingival depigmentation and teeth jwellery etc.

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root canal treatment ahmedabad

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal is a treatment done when tooth ache occurs due to decay, cavity, trauma, attrition etc. RCT is the safest procedure done. The Dental Hub has expertise in Root Canal treatment.

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crown and bridge ahmedabad

Crown & Bridge

Replacement of single or multiple teeth can be done by crown & bridges. These are fixed teeth (fixed prosthesis). It helps to improve one's aesthetics, speech, chewing efficiency and health of teeth.

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gum treatment ahmedabad

Gums (Periodontium) Treatment

Expertise in Gum treatment like Scaling and root planning, Flap surgery, Bone grafting, laser surgery, Pocket Reduction Procedures, and Regenerative Procedures.

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dental implants ahmedabad

Dental Implants

Artificial root over which tooth is placed in jaws and which feels like natural made up of titanium material. Implants can replace one or more teeth.

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teeth straightening ahmedabad

Orthodontic (Braces) Treatment

Braces are the most efficient and accurate way of moving teeth. Teeth can slowly be moved and shifted into proper position by applying pressure in certain directions.

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Dental Problems?

There are lots of dental problems available but few are most common issues. Most common dental problems include :
Teeth cavities, tartar and plaque, gum diseases, oral infections and disorders, bad breath, TMJ (tempero-mandibular joint) disorders, wisdom tooth, emergencies, dry mouth, missing teeth, malalinged teeth, sensitivity of teeth, ulcers in oral cavity, redness of gums, oral habits etc.

Dental Armamentarium

The Dental Hub acquires advanced dental armamentarium such as-
Digital radiography (RVG), intra-oral camera, Endo motor (rotary system) & apex locator for advanced root canal treatment, laser dentistry, fibre-optic ultrasonic scalar (for teeth cleaning), Advanced equipments for sterilization and infection control (Autoclave & Ultraviolet chamber), Advanced tooth whitening system.

Important Dental Care Tips

Tooth anatomy awareness is equally important
Always take good oral hygiene food
Proper full and gental brushing & flossing twice a day
Clean your tongue regularly without fail
Change your toothbrush periodically
Limit sugary foods-Bacteria change sugars into acids
Limit acidic drinks like soft drinks, cordials
Avoid your teeth for using another activities
See your dentist for regular check-ups

Why The Dental Hub is Best?

Why dentists of The Dental Hub are best dental clinic in Ahmedabad.

the dental hub ahmedabad

Leading Features of The Dental HUB

Friendly and experienced doctors.
Advanced treatments with maximum comfort. Advanced tooth whitening system.
By booking a prior appointment at your convenient time, you can minimize your waiting period.
Ambience of clinic is very soothing and patient friendly and thereby relieving patient anxiety.
Advanced technology to aid diagnosis and treatment.
Digital radiography (RVG).
Endo motor (rotary system),apex locator for advanced root canal treatment.
Advanced equipments for sterilization and infection control.

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