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A husband and wife dental duo, Dr. Mayank Trivedi and Dr. Prakruti Trivedi have created a unique dental office that feels more like home than a dental clinic. This relaxing, soothing environment, combined with some of the most sophisticated technology in dentistry, sets a new standard of care. We follow the most stringent of sterilization procedures.

They both have graduated from the well known Gujarat university. They have given their services in the Gandhi-Lincoln hospital also.

We believe best dental clinic ahmedabad treatment always comes with competitive rates using advance technology for providing full satisfaction to every kinds of people. We believe that if eyes are window of the soul, the smile is the window of the heart.

The Dental Hub Ahmedabad

Dr. Mayank and Dr. Prakruti are the doctors at par excellence. Their combined vision to fulfil the need for specialized dental care and treatments resulted in establishment of "the Dental Hub" in Ahmadabad. They are well versed in the techniques involved in dentistry and related science. They combine an exceptional education and clinical experience with his dedication to improving patients' dental health.

The doctors have undergone extensive clinical training as associates with various established clinicians in the city. They attend extensive continuing education in all fields of dentistry including cosmetic dentistry, child dentistry.

The rest of our carefully selected team shares our commitment to providing you with the highest quality dental care in ahmedabad. All staff members are eager to answer any questions you may have concerning scheduling of appointments, and coordination of financial and insurance matters.

Dr. Mayank Trivedi
Dr.Mayank Trivedi - B.D.S
Dental Surgeon

The Dental Hub has been established by Dr.Mayank Trivedi.

Dr.Mayank Trivedi graduated from Ahmedabad dental college and hospital, Gujarat university in 2008, one of the best university of India.

Dr.Mayank Trivedi has given his services as a senior dentist in Gandhi-Lincoln hospital, Deesa (North Gujarat) for 2 and 1/2 years., Dr.Mayank Trivedi is in private practitioner in well established clinic Shreeji Dental clinic in Kheda since last couple of years. Being interested in advanced dental care, Dr.Mayank Trivedi has attended no. of courses, lectures, seminars and conferences to enhance working skills. He looks after the management of whole practice and does general dentistry along with advanced dental care specifically dental implants.

Dr.Prakruti Trivedi
Dr.Prakruti Trivedi - B.D.S
Dental Surgeon

The Dental Hub has been established by Dr.Prakruti Trivedi.

Dr.Prakruti Trivedi graduated from Ahmedabad Dental College and Hospital, Gujarat University in 2009, the well-known university of India. She achieved 9th rank in university in her graduation.

Dr Prakruti a perfectionist by nature leaves no stone unturned to deliver the best of all to her patients. She is in private practice since from last couple of years by developing Shreeji Dental and implant clinic at Bareja. She is also consultant dental surgeon at various Dental clinics in Ahmedabad.

She is keen interested in preservation of natural teeth and thereby preserving smile of patients. She totally believes that patient needs comfort and satisfaction is prior to everything.

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