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Dental Xrays is most Important

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Dental Radiographs are commonly called x-rays. Dentists use radiographs for many reasons: to find hidden problems in and around the teeth and jaws like, cavities, periodical pathology, cyst tumour, malignant or benign masses, bone loss etc.

dental xrays

Types of Dental Xrays

There are main two types of dental xrays available in dentistry. First category called as Intraoral Radiographic and another category called as Extra Oral Radiographic. Both kinds of xrays are available in our The Dental Hub. These both are having own importance in different kind of treatment and surgery. Using advance technology we can get sharp and perfect images for taking accurate surgery decision for our doctors. Modern advance technology has reduced radiation levels to miniscule amounts.

Intraoral Radiographic

Intra oral radiography covers three to four teeth in each film. Objective of intraoral radiographs is to view teeth and its adjoining structures. In the dental hub, we use digital radiograph (RVG) for accurate result and less radiation exposure for various dental pre operative intra operative and post operative treatment procedures like accurate diagnosis, treatment plan and execution of treatment.

Types of Intra Oral views

The intraoral radiograph, when correlated with the case history and clinical examination, is one of the most important diagnostic aids available to the dental practitioner. When examined under proper conditions, diagnostic-quality intraoral radiographs reveal evidence of disease that cannot otherwise be found. They also play a major task in forensic classification. There are 3 types of intra oral views. Which are....

Extra Oral Radiographic

Extra oral radiographs are taken for large pathology, deformities of jaws, TMJ (tempero-mandibular joint), orthodontic treatments, large cysts & tumours, dental implants placement site, facial bone deformities, fractures of jaws, maxillary sinus, nasal cavity, etc.

Types of Extra Oral Views

There are main 2 types of Extra Oral Radiographic available in modern dental technology. Off course, both are having significant importance in surgery and treatment.

2D Diagnostic Imaging

OPG (ortho-pantogram), Lateral Cephalograms true, Lateral cephalogram with tracing,TMJ view,Water view,Reverse town view,PA mandible/ Skull view, Submento vertex view.

3D Diagnostic Imaging

CBCT(cone beam computed tomography),Sectional CBCT, CBCT of Maxilla, CBCT of Mandible and both jaws together, CBCT of TMJ, Sinus view, Full facial 3D Imaging,CT scan.

The Dental Hub - with Advance Technology

The Dental Hub is best dental clinic in Ahmedabad which provides all kinds of dental xrays for investigating dental issue properly and providing right treatment with high accuracy for getting best result to patient. All dentists of The Dental Hub are highly professional and qualified with expertise. These kinds of dental xrays are helping to investigate dental issue for providing basic dental treatments and advance dental treatments.

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