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Patients can become entirely edentulous (without teeth) for many reasons, the most prevalent being removal because of dental disease typically relating to oral flora control, i.e., periodontal disease and tooth decay. Other reasons include tooth developmental defects caused by severe malnutrition, genetic defects such as dentinogenesis imperfecta, trauma, habit (tobacco chewing/smoking) or drug use etc.

The replacement of the natural teeth in the arch and their associated by artificial substitutes in upper and lower jaws is known as dentures. Dentures can be removable or fixed. Usually dentures are planned for geriatric (old age) patients.

Complete Dentures

Dentures can help patients with:

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures can be conventional or immediate type. Conventional dentures are given after complete healing of gums is done. Whereas, immediate dentures are given immediately after the extraction of teeth. Immediate dentures are temporary only. They become loose as the healing takes place gums get shrink and then a new denture with new measurements is too made.

The Dental Hub keeping in patients' needs artifacts like stains can be incorporated in order to improve the aesthetics. It increases the mastication and phonetics.

Parts of complete denture are denture base, denture flange, denture border and teeth.

Implants are the latest trend in replacing missing teeth. Implants are used as a part of removable and fixed partial dentures.

The Dental hub provides the best options and the treatment plan. Using the best materials, advanced technology and considering patients' desire, The Dental Hub advises the one perfect for you.

A lower complete denture should or must be supported by two to four implants placed in the lower jaw for support. An implant-supported lower denture is far superior to a lower denture without implants, because:

How to Care


Daily cleaning of dentures is recommended. Plaque and tartar can build up on false teeth, just as they do on natural teeth. Cleaning can be done using chemical or mechanical cleaners. Cleansing tablets are used fortnightly so as to prevent formation of microbes. Dentures is a part of basic dental treatments should not be worn continuously, but rather left out of the mouth during sleep. Expert dentists of The Dental Hub - a best dental clinic of Ahmedabad provide perfect solution for partial dentures and complete dentures. Book your appointment or contact us for any more query.

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