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What is Filling?

Restoring the teeth accurately...

Tooth portion gets distorted due to any reason like cavity, decay, fracture, trauma, or any other abnormality.

Lost tooth portion can be restored by various types of dental restorative materials. The dental hub provides you the option of various restorative materials used to be filled in teeth.

Filling and Restoration
Filling and Restoration

Light cure composite filling materials widely used in any area of teeth (front or back teeth). It is a high strength material along with natural aesthetic appearance. Silver filling is a good old material. It was widely used before the introduction of high strength resin bond composites. It was used mainly in posterior (back) teeth.

Tooth Preparation

One of the most common oral health issues discovered during scheduled cleanings is decay. Your dentist will examine suspect teeth using a dental probe and caries detecting liquid, as well as take an X-ray to determine the extent and exact location of the cavity and decay.

Once it is determined that a filling is needed, your dentist will advise you of your options for filling and sealing the cavity to prevent further decay and damage to the tooth. Based on your dental history, location of the cavity, aesthetic needs, chewing force, durability, cost, number of visits necessary and your preference, The Dental Hub will decide which filling option is your best option.

Preparing a tooth for a restoration requires number of considerations to determine the type and extent of the preparation. The most important factor to consider is decay and its extent. For the most part, the extent of the decay will define the extent of the preparation, and in turn, the subsequent method and appropriate materials for restoration are selected and filled in tooth.

The process of tooth preparation usually involves cutting of the tooth with special dental burs, to make space for the planned restorative materials, and to remove any dental decay or portions of the tooth that are structurally weak.

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Recovery and Aftercare for Dental Fillings

After the cavity has been filled, The Dentist at The Dental Hub will discuss steps to be taken to prevent decay from forming under or around the filling, or in other teeth in mouth.

Filling and Restoration

Brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing with dental floss or an interdentally cleaner once a day is advised. Keep appointments with your dentist for routine oral check-ups and teeth cleanings. Depending on your risk for caries, The Dental Hub also may suggest sealants that can be placed over your molars to prevent the build-up of plaque and decay, as well as the use of fluoride mouth rinses as an additional preventive measure. Also, since diet and nutrition affect oral health, it will be important to maintain a balanced diet and limit your intake of sugary foods and drinks, and between meal snacks.

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