Root Canal Treatment

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What is Root Canal Treatment?

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Root canal treatment is a tooth saving procedure. Root canal treatment is advised to patients when there is decay, cavity, under-mined caries, trauma, attrition etc. Nowadays, it's an almost painless treatment or with minimal discomfort. Root canal treatment can either be done in single or multiple sitting depending on the case. Endodontic therapy or root canal treatment is a sequence of treatment for infected pulp of a tooth resulting in the elimination of infection and thus thereby protecting the tooth from future microbial infection.

Root canal treatment
root canal treatment

A tooth's nerve is not indispensably essential to a tooth's wellbeing and capacity after the tooth has risen through the gums. It's just capacity is tactile - to give the impression of hot or frosty. The vicinity or unlucky deficiency of a nerve won't influence the everyday working of the tooth.

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Procedure of Root Canal Treatment

First, the dentist will give you local anaesthesia; this means an injection near the bad tooth. This injection will be a minor prick only. Then he proceeds to drill away the part of the infected tooth to open up what is called the pulp of the tooth. The pulp is a bunch of tissues, nerves, arteries and veins that connect your tooth to your jaw bone. This is the part that bacteria have decayed and damaged, causing you toothache.

Now the dentist uses small instruments remove the part of the pulp that is infected. He will also clean out canals in root part of tooth that run from your tooth to bone. Then medicines are placed in the hollow to kill any remaining microbes and prevent further microbial infection. Finally, the cleaned area is temporarily filled with a material. This procedure can be done in single sitting or multiple depending on the infection of tooth one has. Antibiotic coverage is given if required.

After Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatment

After receiving a root canal, the tooth should be protected with a crown that covers the cusps of the tooth. Since root canals remove tooth structure from the tooth and undermine the tooth structural integrity, chances of fracture to tooth structure increases. Since root canals remove tooth structure from the tooth and undermine the tooth's structural integrity. Thus root canal treated teeth has to be restored with the crown so as to increase the life of teeth.

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Root canal treatment needs accuracy and high expertise. We have expert dentist for treating root canal properly. The Dental Hub has wide range of modern equipments to manage root canal treatment accurately. There are lots of precaution steps requiring after treatment. In The Dental Hub a best dental care in Ahmedabad, you would get perfect and accurate guidance after treatment. We have long list of happy patients who took advance dental treatments from us and got satisfactory results. For inquiry and detail, kindly contact us or fix appointment today.

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